Located in Binh Duong Avenue, City Tower owns all services and facilities of a dynamic city. It only takes less than 15 mimutes to get Binh Duong City and HCM City.



Besides the advantages of infrastructure, the facilities of City Tower also meets the high-class and modern living standard such as mineral swimming pool, jogging area, BBQ area, outdoor café, shop house, gym, children’s playground… With various facilities within its precincts, City Tower is a preferred residential destination for your family.

city tower - tiện ích

1. Mineral Swimming Pool


2. Jogging Area

Đường chạy bộ bao quanh khuôn viên dự án

3. BBQ Area

Khu BBQ ngoài trời

4. Outdoor Café

Khu ẩm thực và cafe

5. Gym

Phòng tập Gym hiện đại

6. Badminton court


7. Shop House

Chuỗi cửa hàng tiện lợi cung cấp các nhu cầu thiết yếu

8. Children’s playground

Sân chơi trẻ em

9. Kindergarten

Hệ thống nhà trẻ Rainbow